The novel gives no description to their clothing, so they could have changed or they didn't. It meant that he would entrust the official salt distribution of the eastern region to the businesses within the reach of Grand Duke Roygar. As bad as Gregor is, he's still a human being and wants to feel like he has a family that loves him, which is why he at least superficially cherishes Laurence and Millaira. This FUCKING PAGE. He cant win even if he fights. I'm being sincere when I say I'm 99% of the time totally fine with the fashion choices of the genre. He understands that Roygar is greedy, but doesn't know why, so be instead plans to execute Roygar's wife Garner and his eldest child. However, she threw the jewelry she had received out of the window. Please Leave The Sickly Villainess Alone. tl;dr this is the worst I've ever read because they baited me with an MC who's literally willing to crawl in the dirt and bleed to get what she wants, a machiavellian boss-bitch more than prepared to play 12th dimension human-chess. I'm not really sure. There is no depraved scumbag who is morally bankrupt, nor is there an ultimate evil force that Tia and Cedric struggle to overcome. Going in so blatantly makes no sense, though that may be due to the artist issue that I previously mentioned. This creates an obsessive possessiveness that manifests in her hitting, bully and demeaning Tia. King, I know you have a brain cell in there somewhere, use it. If Grand Duke Roygar does a great contribution of wisely resolving disputes with other countries in the South, he will establish himself as the Emperors successor. He is a kind and magnanimous ruler, creating a family like relationship with his vassals and trusting them deeply. Eighteen years ago, when he was only nine years old, Boertz could never have not heard of the truth. What this difference does, more than anything, is make Tias intelligence believable. Once this was taken care of, she captured the pirates and had them executed as well. Ill be curious to read what others thought about the series in the comments and apologies for making you endure my ramblings. After being summoned into time and space by a strong force, Ah Xin was determined to appease the broken hearted younger sister, help her live a normal life, and finally, help her getting rid of the vicious villainess' fate! The potential was here but finally the characters are too bland. What are you going to do by having Grand Duke Roygar intervene in Southern affairs?. I fully expect not everyone will agree with my opinion, and I am not going to act like the series is perfect, but I do hope you will indulge me another long post and many thanks for those who bother to read this. genres . There was no point when I was reading the story that I wished for a plot point to hurry along, or that an arc was dragging unnecessarily. I love otome isekai and stories where they let a girl-boss stay winning? Even then, he doesnt prevent her from acting, but instead pleads and encourages her to take better care of herself. He possesses unquestioned authority in the Empire and all the major factions compete with themselves to earn his approval. Do not read this if you want to remain spoiler free. She has secured the affection of the emperor, but is self-aware that it is only a superficial attraction to her beauty. This of course doesnt happen that way and Tia ends up going back as well. But he himself was a knight from the bottom up. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Tia is being taken care of by Sophie to get better and healthy for the baby. Cedric had given him a pistol as a threat that he would challenge him to a duel and kill him, but Roygar uses this same pistol to shoot himself. great rant tho . She has shifted her perspective already, and now that she has been given another chance, she takes advantage of it fully. dyncat 2 yr. ago. That's exactly why her brother's betrayal cut so deeply when Artezia was imprisoned as punishment for all of her crimes. The greatest mercy she could offer was to arrange the execution to be quick and painless rather than the brutal and slow affair it was meant to be. So she shower her favorite (the one that is a extention of herself) with love and decides to leave the other with the bare minimum or less, even food or clothing is too much for the scapegoat forget love or positive attention. These aren't spoilers, they're just weird details that add nothing or make things less coherent). It's implied that this is what Emperor Gregor effectively did with Empress Katrine. What seems to be pretty consistent, is that it is out of the hands of the MC. Its pacing is way too slow, it's as if it's a car frozen under ice unable to move . Her mother believes herself superior to everyone, but she has way to manipulate people to an extent, she can't see other women other than competition and the main reason she loves her son is because he is carbon copy of her. Lisia was engaged to Cedric before Artezia intervened. Tia is then is left to reflect on her actions for some time, growing to regret what she has done. The problem is with Grand Duchess Evron. The marriage proposed by Artezia between her and Cedric would both be convenient for them. Books. It meant the salt that the Emperor was not aware of, that is, coarse salt. Given what we know about Tia, her perspective makes perfect sense, but Cedric brushes it aside, assuming that she is just being paranoid. Even when he encountered Grand Duke Roygar, he only greeted with the same calm face as before. I will reiterate though: the dresses are ugly. After she succeeds in putting Lawrence on the throne, she thinks she can finally live a normal life, but is then framed by Lawrence. I think this scene is already spoiled on novel updates. The Villainess is the Heroine's Biggest Fan. Grand Duke Roygar also understood. So far, it has been evenly distributed at the businesses of several places, and the price is also controlled. As Cedrics feelings develop, he doesnt spend endless chapters getting bogged down in doubts about it, nor does he spend forever fretting over the contract. The